Wicket – Office Ambassador

Wicket is our official ambassador in the office. With two and a half years of canine experience and her perfect background mix of cocker and poodle, Wicket’s primary role is giving our clients a warm fuzzy welcome and a little cozy canine companionship, a job at which she clearly excels.

Wicket’s “office” is a favorite windowsill where she keeps an eye on what’s happening while contemplating life. While she usually leaves us to attend to legal matters, she has been known to jump on the table during meetings if she feels the need to emphasize a fine point of law, always with tact and discretion. An accomplished gymnast, with the proper encouragement Wicket can be enticed to show off her considerable skills – standing, rolling over, sitting up, and bowing. Equally adept at forming positive and productive relations with her feline and canine contemporaries, Wicket has built an enviable network of close associates.

Her other duties consist of periodic morale checks on our staff, offering recreational breaks, and reminding us all of the healthy benefits of lots of sleep. She looks forward to giving you a warm Butenhof & Bomster welcome!