estate planning special needs

Estate Planning For Special Needs

In general, estate planning is a good idea for everyone. It helps address questions regarding who handles your affairs if you lose capacity, as well as the orderly transfer of assets, wealth preservation and taxation.

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Britney Spears Guardianship

Britney Spears’ Story Is A Cautionary Tale

Could It Happen In New Hampshire? Rarely do guardianship arrangements make the national news. The story of Britney Spears is a notable exception, not only gaining the attention of national news outlets, but international ones as well. Her story even spawned a robust fan-driven “Free Britney” movement that, in addition to advocating for Spears, sought to raise awareness about guardianship abuses.

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ssi medicaid cancelled

Can The Government Cancel My Medicaid Or SSI Benefits?

You rely on your Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”) benefits to provide much-needed financial assistance, and have consistently received the same benefit amount on the same day every month. Then one month, it isn’t there. Or, you have been relying on Medicaid benefits to cover critical health care costs, including prescriptions, and you learn that your coverage has been terminated. Can the government

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Special Needs Planning: What to Know About Age 18

In New Hampshire, an individual legally becomes an adult at age 18.  As a result, there are a number of issues that require consideration well in advance of a family member’s 18th birthday. Health Care Decisions Medical information is subject to strict confidentiality rules and once a patient turns 18, medial information is only provided to the patient.  A patient may sign a

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alisha cahall attorney

Attorney Alisha Cahall Joins the Butenhof & Bomster Team

Alisha Cahall joined Butenhof & Bomster, PC in January 2022. Previously, she supported the Special Education Unit of the New York City Department of Education as an Agency Attorney in the Office of the General Counsel. In this important role, she ensured the Department of Education’s compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Alisha earned her J.D. with honors from Thomas

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judith jones attorney

Attorney Judith Jones Leaving Butenhof & Bomster, PC To Expand Advocacy Role

Will Advocate for Seniors Statewide in New Position with NH Legal Assistance After 15 dedicated years of serving clients at Butenhof & Bomster, PC, Judith Jones is taking on a new role with New Hampshire Legal Assistance as their Home and Community Based Services Specialist. “This is an extraordinary opportunity to work on key policy issues, which impact many individuals who need

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continuing care retirement community

Is a Nursing Home the Right Solution?

One of the most difficult decisions facing seniors and their families is where they will best be cared for in later life. A study of 8,000 seniors reported in the Harvard Health Blog found that fully two-thirds of those individuals over the age of 65 needed help doing one or more daily activities (activities of daily living (ADLs) include moving, feeding, dressing,

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What Happens If You Can No Longer Care for Your Disabled Child?

For the vast majority of families, parents have the sole responsibility for the care and support of a child with special needs or a disability. We’ve discussed the need to plan for the care of your child should you pre-decease them, but what happens if you yourself become incapacitated? With children living longer and 75% of adults with disabilities living at home,

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