estate planning

Estate Planning at Key Times

For many of us, the simple act of creating an estate plan may seem daunting and, once done, we tend to put it in the “completed” pile. But it’s important to remember estate plans are created at a certain point in our lives with provisions made based on our life and family circumstances at that moment. One thing is certain about life

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mental health rapid response

The Latest Addition to New Hampshire’s Mental Health Support Resources

Recognizing the need for more coordinated and comprehensive mental health services in the state, the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) rolled out a 10-year plan in 2019. The vision was for a comprehensive statewide mental health system that improves access, integrates mental health and primary care, and focuses on suicide prevention.

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home value retirement

How Does the Skyrocketing Cost of Housing Impact Adults in Retirement?

Even with the recent cooling of the real estate market, home prices have been on an impressive trajectory for the last several years. If you are a senior in retirement, what impact might a substantial increase in your home value have for you in retirement? If you purchased your home even just a few years ago, its value has likely increased significantly.

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power of attorney

What is the Difference between Limited and General Power of Attorney?

And When Should Some Powers of Attorney be “Durable”? You may have had some exposure to executing a power of attorney in your lifetime. Essentially, a power of attorney, or POA, is a document that grants legal authority to another individual to act on your behalf. The reason for that can be varied – perhaps you are granting someone the authority to

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have will need trust

I Have a Will. Why Do I Need a Trust?

Do you have a will? If so, we commend you. Having a last will and testament in place will help ensure your wishes regarding the conveyance of your assets after your death are carried out. But is a will enough? Should you be considering other methods of holding and conveying property such as a trust?  To answer that question, you’ll need to

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estate planning special needs

Estate Planning For Special Needs

In general, estate planning is a good idea for everyone. It helps address questions regarding who handles your affairs if you lose capacity, as well as the orderly transfer of assets, wealth preservation and taxation.

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