Communicating With Family As A Parent’s Agent

communicating as parent's agent

“I’m my dad’s agent under a Power of Attorney and he is no longer competent. My sister needs money and keeps asking for information. Do I need to provide information to her?”

If you are named as your father’s agent, agent under a power of attorney, and you have a family member who’s asking how you’ve been managing your father’s finances, in New Hampshire you actually do have a duty to respond to request for information.

If you have a sibling who’s asking for information and you’re not quite sure whether you should provide it, it’s always a good idea to speak to someone who knows what the laws are in the state of New Hampshire.

At a minimum, if she sends you a letter in writing requesting how you’ve been managing your dad’s finances, you do have to respond because if you don’t within a matter of 60 days, she can go to court and ask a court to request that you respond to her.



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