Requesting Information For a Trust When You’re Not The Trustee

requesting information trust not trustee

“My mom died and my sister is the trustee. I’m not getting any information. What should I do?”

If your mom dies and you’re named as a person who’s going to receive assets under a trust, let’s say, and you’re also not named as the person who’s making sure your mom’s wishes are followed, that would be the trustee of the trust, you, as a person who is entitled to receive a portion of the inheritance, can ask for information from the trustee.

The trustee, your sister, would have to let you know what’s going on with that trust, how your mom’s inheritance is being distributed.  That trustee has a duty to make sure your mom’s wishes are followed and make sure that she is doing things correctly in administering the trust, selling the house, making sure it sells for a good value, and just keeping the family informed.

This doesn’t mean [that everyone] in the family [is entitled to this information], but the people who are named under a trust or under a will are entitled to receive information if they request it.