Special Needs Trust Support for Personal Injury Attorneys

“I am a personal injury attorney representing a client who was injured in an accident and I want your help with drafting a SNT (Special Needs Trust).

Can you help?”

If you’re an attorney who’s helping a client obtain a personal injury settlement, you can come to our office and we can help you with drafting a special needs trust. That is something that we do routinely.  And there are different kinds of special needs trusts.

There are different sorts of provisions that you might want to consider and it would be good to have an expert help you with that. But there’s other things that our office can do as well.  It’s not just special needs trust planning.  We can help determine whether a special needs trust is the best option in this scenario, whether there may be other things that you should be considering, and analyzing whether this is the best thing for your particular client.

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